L2Board has a queue manager and email delivery to handle sending from sign-in activations to alerting of new replies on a topic.


To configure it access the settings menu in the email section of the menu in the administrative area. And configure the following settings:

System Email

The email address used for site submissions. Something like no-reply @ your-domain.

Limit of Attempts

Number of times the shipping manager will attempt to send the email to a particular address.

Email Type

Text if your messages will not contain html, images, or other elements. Otherwise select the html option.

Email Server

You are asked for your server type or sending method (SMTP, mail, sendmail).


The sent or outgoing email queue is stored in a table that can be viewed in the administrative area-> Settings-> Email-> Email Queue

To keep the queue running you must add a cron job in you server with this command:

php /path-to-public/public_html/index.php cron_manage index

with a period bellow 5 minutes.


Emails have the header and footer in the header.php and footer.php files respectively. Both located in the folder of your active theme.