While L2Board ships with a stylish and modern appearance, there will always be sites that need their system to match the style of their existing material and theme, and will need to modify L2Board to fit in.

You may want to simply adjust some colors, or you might want to dramatically change the way everything looks by making completely custom HTML templates.

The tools available for style adjustment and modification range from simple, easy-to-use controls to adjust things like colors, fonts and sizes, right through to code editors for experts, that allow you to edit the CSS and HTML upon which the entire system is built.


All themes are located at themes folder in the root directory. L2Board come with and default theme with basic css styles and js scripts. Even if you install a new theme, never remove the default theme folder. Css styles and js plugins are shared between new modules and the default theme.

Download your theme in the L2Board download area. Extract the zip file. Using a ftp client send the folder with your theme name to the themes directory at your server root path.


Just go to the admin area, access the menu settings and click on the settings option in the dropdown. There click in the themes menu. Check the theme you installed and save the settings.


All stylistic tools in L2Board are bundled into collections of data called Styles, which are sometimes referred to as Skins or Themes.

You can change your theme style by accessing the file name-theme.css in the css folder at your theme directory.